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Ken - Software Engineer

"After taking the 3Skills bootcamp, I learned there was a way to optimize my LinkedIn so I made changes to my profile. I was able to land 12 interviews and now I'm working full time!"

Matteo - Project Coordinator

"Taking the 3Skills course made me more confident in my skills for sure. I received 3 offers and got a job a few weeks after the course!"

Mirani - Property Manager

"Not only did the 3Skills team give me great tips on how to find a job but they also honed my interview skills, completely changed my mindset towards my job search which hugely impacted my experience in landing a job."

3Skills - 1 Year in Review


This was the best investment my husband and I ever made. My husband finally got the job in his field.


They brought me from not really knowing what I wanted to working full-time in less than a month.


I got a job before graduating from university. I'm honestly so grateful to 3Skills for hooking me up with such a great opportunity.



Registration Closes July 5th


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