3 Steps to Landing a Job in Tech

Slack's senior customer experience Shongedzayi Sakupwanya shares 3 tips on landing a job in tech


We asked Shonge to share her journey to kickstarting a career in tech! As the Senior Customer Experience at Slack she has a couples of pointers that can help you do the same! Here's what she had to say:

One of the most exciting industries in modern society is tech. As the forerunner of business innovation it’s no wonder that it is top of the list as a career option for a breadth of graduates. Here are some of the steps to consider if you are looking to break into this dynamic field.

Be prepared to start from the bottom.

In early 2017 I found myself quitting my lucrative position as a Senior Manager for popular retailer Nordstrom for an entry level role at a pre IPO Slack. I had initially applied for a more lateral move but with zero educational and work experience my best option was learning that world from the ground up. It was humbling but in retrospect the best decision I ever made. I was able to gain an intimate understanding of the business and through hard work and paying my dues, have since been promoted to more leadership roles at Slack. 

Build and Leverage Your Network.

When I was ready to leave my previous company, I upgraded to Linkeldn Premium to gain more job insights when applying. More importantly - it  allowed me to see which recruiters were associated with a posting.  This way I could tailor my cover letter and reach out to them directly through InMail rather than getting buried in a pile of other cover letters by applying through a generic application site. I also connected with friends or friends of friends who were in that field to get more first hand information of what to expect during the recruiting process. This included learning how to write compelling resumes for tech specifically and what to avoid doing considering I was coming from a more corporate background. 

Study the Industry. 

This brings me to my last point - extensively research the companies you are going after. What are their values, business strategy, company culture? Have they been in the news lately? Not only will this help personalize your resume and cover letter, in the event you advance to the next stage of the recruiting process you can speak authentically about why a certain company interests you. Tech companies greatly value authenticity. They hire less on skill alone but more from a firm belief that an individual knows and values what they value and will ultimayely add to their corporate culture.  

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