4 Job Hunting Insights from KPMG's Digital Recruiter

KPMG digital recruiter, Marjorie Joasil - 4 Job Hunting Insights from KPMG's Digital Recruiter


I recently got to interview KPMG recruiter and 3Skills recruiting partner, Marjorie Joasil. Marjorie is a true Montrealer and she has been through an exceptional career journey. Needless to say, we are proud to have her in our network as a 3Skills partner and her recruiter insights are invaluable!

In our interview, Marjorie shared her best advice on career pivoting and her views as a recruiter, on the best and worst job hunting practices.

1. Networking & confidence: the secret to a career switch.

After 10 years in Marketing, I pivoted my career in recruitment. What brought me there? Doing the entire recruitment process in my previous jobs was something I enjoyed thoroughly. I simply loved the thrill of finding gems, having the opportunity to meet bright candidates and creating opportunities.

When it comes to career changes or career advancement, your network is your net worth so I openly shared that I was looking for a recruitment position. Long and behold, a recruitment opportunity was presented to me at KPMG. A friend of mine introduced me to one of her connections who was promoting a campus digital recruiter position. I applied and got the chance to show my real ¨Whole-self¨ in the interview process and the rest is history!

2. Gaining new skills: the true power behind job hunting

Having the confidence in your potential and figuring things out as you go is a must to gaining new skills. I often accepted the challenge to accomplish projects outside of my job profile and expertise.

Taking new challenges led me to discover and practice new skillsets. I was a marketer and an entrepreneur who often had the opportunity to be involved in the hiring process of new candidates. By taking on new tasks and projects, I was able to perfect my recruitment skills which allowed me to become a more versatile and pragmatic candidate in my job hunting journey. 

3. Building a resume with no experience? Yes please!

Never let your lack of experience stop you from seeking new opportunities. Instead, put all your energy to flaunt your uniqueness.

Practically speaking, work on your technical skills and general knowledge. For example, learn cloud app, take a cyber security course online and learn new software languages. How about learning how to code?  Brush up your resume, get involved in your community, freelance, do case study competitions and show us, recruiters or hiring managers, how you’ve improved, increased or help the organization you worked to succeed.

Finally, build relationships with professionals in your desired field by requesting 10-15 min coffee chats to learn about their organization, and get insight on how to position yourself as the next super start to hire. 

4. Final thoughts: hiring insights

The best job applications in my opinion are those of candidates that don’t only have work experience listed on their resumes. A strong candidate has a background of involvement in their communities or school associations. In addition, applicants who have entrepreneurial experience, always stand out to me!

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is look for a job solely focused on salary. You must shop for an organization that matches your personal values. Once you land the job, chances are you will spend most of your day doing just that, so you need to pick a job opportunity and a workplace based on what drives you to go back to it every day!

Another job hunting mistake I see was too often is candidates not caring about personal branding (for example: Using an unappealing resume, filled with spelling errors. Simon Sinek presented a powerful model to encourage leaders to inspire action, called the ¨Golden Circle¨. This model, I believe applies to your personal branding as well. Just like a business person or a team leader, you must know the "why" behind what you are pursuing in your career and brand yourself accordingly!


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