5 Job Hunting Myths that are Holding you Back

The 3Skills - Don't Believe the Lie - Job Huting Myths that are Holding you Back

Looking for work can be one of the most exciting but also frustrating parts of your career building journey. Especially after graduation. You've worked so hard on getting that degree and now you have to keep working to prove yourself to recruiters and hiring managers who are asking for 5+ years in experience! On top of that, everyone around you has some career advice to give you. 

Take a deep breath in and exhale! 
We're here to break any stereotypes around job searching. Here are 5 myths we see circulating and hear about all the time that sound right but are actually holding you back from landing that job:

1. “There aren’t any jobs available right now” 

We hear this all the time. So many of our students will come to us discouraged about there being no more jobs available for them. Here's what why this is isn't true. If you only rely on websites like Indeed to find a job postings, you will run out of options.

Did you know that 70% of hiring happen via networking and referrals? Instead of only focusing on finding that perfect job posting, take some time to build a network and reach out to professionals in your current network.

2. “Increasing the number of jobs I apply to will increase my chances of landing a job”

This often means that you are not taking the time to tailor your resume for every job application - employers and recruiters can spot a generic resume from a mile away. It is important that you take the time to alter your resume by changing the skills and job descriptions to reflect what the employer is looking for. 

On average, recruiters will spend 6 seconds looking at your resume before deciding to consider it or not. You have to make sure that the right information is standing out. The layout, the skills and the information you choose to put on a resume will speak volumes about how serious you are about that role.

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3. “If I haven’t heard back in a few days of applying, I didn’t get it”

Hiring is serious business and this can take some time. If you are curious about where they are at in the hiring process, follow up and ask them. This won’t necessarily speed things up but it can help you understand the steps they are taking a little better and it shows you are still available and interested.

4. “What I post online about my personal life has nothing to do with me professionally”

91% of employers say they often screen candidates on social media. Adjust your privacy settings if you must but don’t hide everything - recruiters want to see who you are! This especially applies to LinkedIn, which brings me to the next job hunting myth...

5. “I don’t need LinkedIn to get a job”

This is the biggest lie of the century - LinkedIn is arguably one of the most powerful tools in job hunting. If you do it right, you can get recruiters reaching out to YOU with job offers instead of the other way around.

What job hunting myths have you heard about lately? Comment below!

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