5 Skills Employers Look For in 2019

When we launched 3Skills back in June, we did a lot of research to make sure we taught you relevant and applicable information that would have you stand out to employers today!

The first step to standing out? Understand what employers are looking for! Our research showed that the top FIVE skills that companies want to see when they look at potential candidates are:

1. Creativity
Do you demonstrate any creativity in your application process that will have you stand out from other candidates? We recently heard of someone applying to a job with a resume stuck inside a box of donuts! Needless to say, it got someone's attention AND it went viral!

2. Persuasion
How are you communicating your value with a prospective employer? Do you truly understand what you have to offer and does it show on your Resume, LinkedIn or during the Interview?

3. Adaptability
We live in a world where trends and technology change overnight! How do you show your ideal employer that you adapt easily to changes? If you are in the creative or marketing sector a great way to do that is with a portfolio or a blog!

4. Collaboration
We love to throw words like "teamwork" around but do you know what it truly means to be a team player? At our Career Boot Camp, we equip you with resources and tools that help you understand your personality and how to apply it in the workplace! More and more companies are using personality assessments as part of their hiring process. 

5. Time Management 
"I am punctual" is one of the "skills" I see most in people's Resumes! Do yourself a favour and remove it from yours. Why? Because let's be honest... what's the alternative? When you land a job that's the least that is expected from you - to show up on time!

Our Career Boot Camp exists to teach you how to leverage these 5 skills in your job searching process & stand out!


Only about FIVE out of 100 applicants (5%)
actually earn an interview?

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School teaches us collaboration and time management. Group projects and tight schedules help us get better at working with people and calendars. But what about all the other skills we need that we don't learn in school? Have you ever taken a course on persuasion?

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