3 things I Learned Speaking at Harvard's LEAD Conference

3 Skills cofounder, Marianne Encina as the guest speaker at Harvard University's Latina Empowerment and Development Conference

Two weeks ago, I was invited to deliver a workshop at Harvard's LEAD (Latina Empowerment and Development) conference. It was such an amazing experience being in the room with so many inspiring Latina entrepreneurs and professionals but also with driven and hard working students.

Here are the 3 lessons I walked away with:

1. If you are passionate about something, tell everyone about it!

Write a blog, start a podcast, whatever it is - don't stay quiet! The reason why I was a part of this conference, was because I'm so vocal and passionate about helping international students get jobs and the career bootcamps we host. I talk about it all the time, share stories on my Instagram, post about @The3Skills on LinkedIn. That's exactly how Pegleess knew that we should partner up for this opportunity!

2. Be YOU.

Whatever situation or environment you find yourself in, stay true to who you are! All the talks that I was able to attend had this as an underlying theme. From becoming entrepreneurs and opening their own Shopify stores, to starting a community of Latinas interested in getting in shape, or even sharing advice on Financial Literacy; they were all able to find success because their businesses were an extension of their everyday lives and they were building businesses they were proud of. There is so much power in showing up as and for yourself every day and simply being YOU, in the most unapologetic way.

3. Pay it forward.

And not in the "one day when I'm successful, I will..." way. Today and right now. Think of a way that you can help someone in your circle - whether it's sending a job posting to a friend who's looking for a job, making an introduction for someone who's feeling stuck in their entrepreneurial journey, or having lunch with the new employee at work. I'm a true believer that there's enough success out there for everyone and you truly never know where your next idea, business opportunity or job can come from! 

In summary, share what you're passionate about, show up as your true self every single day and pay it forward! The world need you to be you and someone in your circle needs your help!

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