How to Get a Company to Take a Chance on you



Landing your first job after graduation or landing a job within your dream company can sometimes feel impossible. Month after month we run a job hunting course with different groups of new graduates, international students and young professionals and without fail, we are asked:

"How do I get a company to take a chance on me? I know that if they gave me the opportunity, I would absolutely crush it!"

Here are 3 tips you can try now:

1. Offer to work for free

Whether that is for 2 weeks or for a month, offer to work for free and show your value! Tell the employer that they can fire you if they are not happy by the end of the trial period and make sure you use this time to absolutely crush it! Prove to them that they can't keep going without you on the team!

2. Take an entry level position

We know that you have spent a lot of time, sweat and tears towards your degree and you deserve more than an entry level job. But keep in mind that an entry level opportunity is just that, a foot in the door! Use this opportunity to earn the skills and the knowledge so that you can bring that to another company. Alternatively you can also use a job like this to once again prove your value and get to move up within the same organization!

3. Create a value proposition

Create a document that brings a solution to a problem that the company is trying to solve. Maybe they've announced it or maybe you heard it from someone who works there. If you have a solution to their problem, do this now! Show them how to solve their problem, where the market is, what the opportunities and the risks are and present it to them. You have nothing to lose!

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