3SKILLS: 1 Year in Review

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students leave their families, their friends, and everything they know behind to move to Canada for a chance to live a better life. Many of us moved here initially to chase our parents dreams and not our own. Some of you  know exactly what I’m talking about - we get 3 choices - Accountant, Engineer or Doctor. 

Today, over 600,000 international students are in Canada trying to make sense of what it takes to live the Canadian dream. We study as hard as we can because our families and siblings are sacrificing so much for us to be here while also paying almost 5 times what domestic students pay in tuition. Being so far away from home means that we have to build our networks and support systems from nothing.  Milestones,  like getting your first job become challenging and seem almost impossible when you can’t rely on family connections or communities you grew up with to help you get a foot in the door.

We have seen some of our closest friends settle  for minimum wage jobs and experiencing  the disappointment of not having enough money or even the fear of  having to go back home embarrassed for not successfully launching a career in Canada. Countless international students live  through those emotions everyday because they can’t find a job that’s good enough to allow them to stay in Canada and build a life here. Seeing these challenges impact the people we love led to the launch of 3Skills  - With our mission being to help people become the most employable version of themselves. 

Today, we celebrate one year of changing lives with our courses. In one year, we went from having   an idea to helping 36 people land full-time roles with an average of $47,199 in yearly income. On top of that, we saw 8 people secure meaningful part-time jobs in companies like Scotiabank, TD & Siemens. These  represent over $1,747,000+ in total income for our students. 

We build confidence in our students by teaching them how to communicate their true value. We help them believe in themselves, especially when it seems like nobody else will. 

To every international student, whether this is your first year in Canada or the year you are graduating, you deserve to live the Canadian dream. To have a career filled with purpose, the ability to buy your first car or your first home, to one day fund your siblings’ education or your parents’ retirement. You didn’t come all this way for nothing and we built 3Skills for you.

-The 3Skills Team

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