3Skills Network


The 3Skills Network is the ecosystem that will help us ensure that international students and new graduates who enroll in our program will also be able to get a foot in the door of good companies. We realize that we cannot achieve our mission alone and we are looking for people who believe what we believe to join our cause.

What we Believe

We believe in giving people a chance to prove themselves.

We believe that international students have talent but not as much opportunity.

We believe that building a great career in Canada can’t be done alone.

We believe that colleges and universities don't necessarily prepare students to transition into the workforce.

We believe that a job is more than an income - it’s an opportunity to build a life and leave a legacy. 

The Mission

To help 2,000 people secure great jobs every year. 


How to Get Involved

We have several ways you can join our mission. We understand that everybody has a different level of time commitment and resources. See the options below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in partnering with us.


As a mentor, you will provide insight and guidance to 3Skills students as they start their careers. This may include making introductions to professionals & companies in your network, providing advice, sharing your own experience and helping them build their confidence.

Time Commitment: 1-2 Hours a month

(Application Required)

Recruiting Partners

Recruiting partners are directly involved with talent acquisition (i.e. recruiters, talent sourcers, HR managers, head hunters etc.) Your role is to provide a gateway into companies for 3Skills students. This may include adding them to candidate pools if they qualify, helping companies reach their Diversity & Inclusion goals or simply making role recommendations based on your industry knowledge.


We receive countless requests of new graduates who desperately need our services but cannot afford them. Investors contribute to our mission financially by covering the course fee for international students and new grads specifically to go through the 3Skills program. You will be making a direct investment in their future.  

Corporate Partners

We believe that there are organizations who want to partner with us to bring equality in the professional world and recruitment practices. Corporate partners work with 3Skills by funding our mission, sponsoring our online events, and even hiring our students. Partnerships will be tailored as required. 


Fill out this form and we will contact you with next steps: